Pulse29 Marketing Agency

Technologies Used For Web Development

Pulse29 Agency is the place to go for cutting-edge web  development. Thanks to us, your digital vision will become a reality. Let’s create your online future together, pixel by pixel!

Ruby on Rails

We are aware of the effectiveness of responsive websites Our internal staff offers everything from websites to apps to e-commerce solutions with skill.

React / Angular JS

By connecting their financial and operational systems into a single database, our cloud-based ERP and CRM enables businesses to manage customer interactions with their brands. Both are essential storage devices.

Laravel PHP

Our skilled teams of graphic designers can design a banner or flex, brochure, flyer, poster, social media covers, cover photos, infographics presentation, etc. for your business.

Django Python

Let's further develop your web marketing techniques. Whether you run a local small business or a global corporation, using digital channels will help you increase your online visibility.



Despite the fact that Node.js is no longer a popular technology stack among web developers, companies like Netflix, eBay, PayPal, The Mail Online, and Walmart are betting on it. The Internet of Things (IoT) community, real-time applications, and several other applications of Node.js are essential in today's society.


Python Development

Python is an interpreted, dynamically semantic, object-oriented language that is often referred to as a general-purpose programming language. it is often used in software development, websites, task automation, data analysis and visualization.