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Technologies Used For Social Media Marketing

Your go-to place for complete social media marketing services is Pulse29 agency. We can manage every aspect of your internet presence, from strategy to implementation. Let’s strengthen your company’s online presence.

Social Media Marketing

  • maintaining and optimizing your profile
  • Posting pictures, videosstories and live videos that represent your brand and attract a relevant audience
  • Responding to comments, shares and likes and monitoring your reputation
  • Following and engaging with followers, customers and influencers to build a community around your brand

Paid Social Media Campaigns

A paid social media campaign is a series of ads designed and scheduled to maximize the results of your social media advertising while achieving a specific goal or objective. Ads may contain sponsored posts. search or display ads, static ads, video ads, or interactive social media ads with a paid budget.

Lead Generation management

Lead generation is the process of gaining the interest of potential customers in order to increase future sales. It is a key part of the sales process for many companies.

Use SMS for Lead Generation

With a 98% conversion rate, texting provides one of the most effective ways to reach new potential customers.

Use Email For Lead Genertation

An email lead generation strategy is essential for businesses to grow their customer base and generate more sales. without an effective lead collection system. Your business will have difficulty with sales and growth. 48% of marketers believe that email marketing is the most effective strategy for generating leads online.

Use Phone Call For Lead Generation

Lead calling services, often referred to as lead generation companies, are telemarketing businesses that can generate leads for a business, set up appointments for companies, and reach out to customers to see if they are interested in a product or service..

Recovery Services

Information you post on your business page and comments you make in response to questions or comments will be public for anyone to see. In the paid space that social media is, it's very likely that even deleted comments on posts will be picked up, making it almost impossible to go back to a post once you've published it.

Lead  Generation

  • Identify what qualifies as a lead for your company
  • Identify your target audience
  • Understand how leads find your business
  • Score your leads
  • Use lead managament softwere
  • Track your lead nirturing strategies
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Inbound Services

Out Bound Services